As part of the Southwest Jiaotong University, which promotes Chinese traffic and especially railway systems for more than 120 years, we strive for a deeper understanding of the interaction between man-made infrastructure and the natural environment. We aim at engineering solutions and sustainable resource management. As scientists, we reach deeper insights into the processes underlying and controlling changes in the earth's surface in one of the most tectonically and geologically challenging regions of the world. As engineers, we observe, measure and model the most subtle changes of terrain and infrastructure with the most modern sensors at the highest precision. We are actively involved in the most challenging and far-reaching high-speed railway development project in the world. 

As an interdisciplinary network of Geodesy, Engineering Geology, Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing, Cartography, Environmental Engineering, and Fire Protection Engineering we combine scientific methods and engineering competencies to develop global traffic infrastructure and bring the different regions of the world closer together. We discover chances and opportunities.  We visualize, explain and predict risks, help to avoid disaster and prepare for the worst case.